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Creative Confidence Mentor

I'm Talia, the Creative Confidence Mentor. I'm called to reconnect others to their creative identity. We are all co-creators with God and as an artist it is my intention to help you gain the confidence to grow your creative skills, whatever they may be. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to #WatchMeCreate live!

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Fire & Ice

colors mix

images emerge

ideas form

things get messy

value growth

experience understanding

  • Whisper | 11/2021

    This painting, “Whisper” is properly titled because to me it captures the very nature of God, BREATHING. For it is God’s breathe that created ALL things and establishes life. When I look at “Whisper” I can see Him breathing the worlds into existence, molecules and atoms exploding into action and formation at His command. 

    - O. Watts

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I didn't know I was an artist...

I've always been a writer but some things are harder to express in words...somewhere along my healing journey I decided to pick up a paintbrush. It didn't start pretty but I've emerged as an artist with practice and encouragement!